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panoramic view Rio Chavon

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After our transfer from Punta Cana to Bayahibe, we kick-started our day with a cup of coffee, brimming with anticipation as we boarded the bus bound for the National Park. It didn’t take long to reach our destination, and that’s when our adventure truly began!

We embarked on a trail that led us through a dense tropical jungle, a paradise filled with stunning plants and fluttering butterflies. Our guide, who spoke impeccable Dutch, shared fascinating insights about the park’s history and the remnants of the Taino Indians.

At the trail’s end, we descended into a cave armed with our trusty flashlights, discovering an underground freshwater lake. It was nothing short of breathtaking and provided a welcome respite from the tropical heat.

Rio de Chavon

As we retraced our steps back to the bus, we set off on a short journey to the starting point of the raft that would carry us across the Rio de Chavon. The views were absolutely breathtaking, and we savored every moment with a refreshing drink in hand. The lush banks were teeming with tropical jungle life, and we even spotted various birds, including some formidable raptors soaring above us.


Once we reached the riverbank, a local family had prepared a delicious traditional lunch for us, and the fresh fruit dessert was a delightful treat. For those wanting to relax, there was the option of unwinding in a jacuzzi with a magnificent view of the river.


Next on our agenda was a brief explanation of cocoa, coffee, and sugar cane processing, accompanied by mouthwatering tastings – simply irresistible! We embarked on a short hike through the orchards, where we marveled at the assortment of fruits grown here, eventually ascending to a vantage point offering panoramic views and an exciting crossing via a hanging bridge.

For the energy enthusiasts among us, a short canoe tour awaited us back at the raft, allowing us to navigate the river or even swing from the vines like Tarzan or Jane.


Our journey concluded with a return raft ride to where our trusty bus awaited us. Back in Bayahibe, we made a pit stop at a local Colmado, where we enjoyed a refreshing beer and had the opportunity to pick up some souvenirs.

Finally, we boarded the bus for our return transfer to Punta Cana, cherishing the memories of an action-packed and enlightening day. We couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling adventure!

Written by Kim

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