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7.00am – A little sleepy we enter the bus. Today we are going on the Isla Bonita DeLuxe tour. Just 1 more hotel to pick up people and we are of to Punta Rusia. We are with just a small group of 15 people. The bus ride is a little more then 1,5 hour. The surrounding is beautiful. We see rice, fruit and tobacco plantations. The guide is explaining a lot.

Punta Rusia

In Punta Rusia we board a very luxury 2 deck catamaran. We have open bar including Cuba Libre, Fruit Punch, beer, water, juice, soda and snacks. Standing in the front of the deck, with the wind in my hair I feel like Kate on the Titanic. The view is stunning, the water is so clear and aqua blue at the same time, it is so difficult to describe. The service is amazing, I refuse some drinks as I don’t want to be drunk before even reaching the island. The captain tell me to come to the upper deck. There he points me to the natural pool we are going to make a stop. This is so weird, shallow water in the middle of the ocean. While in the water the crew is opening some bottles of Dominican Champaign. Drinking pink champaign in the middle of the ocean, why not, I’m on vacation!

Isla Bonita

After 30 minutes we continue our boat trip. While eating a plate of delicious fresh fruit we see Isla Bonita appear in the distance. This island is nothing more then a sandbank 2 miles offshore the coast, with white sands that for some reason does not feel hot under your feet. The island is surrounded with the most virgin waters I have ever seen. We take our snorkel masks and snorkel with the guide to the coral reef. Soon we are surrounded by the most colourful fish, yellow, blue, orange, it feels a little surreal to see this. Back to the island to relax a little and enjoy a cocktail and some fresh fruit.


Then it is time to board the catamaran again to continue our tour to the mangroves. Here we see some manatees. Those animals are huge and, so sorry for them they are very ugly. After the mangroves we are heading back to the shore for an amazing lunch. Rice, salat, bread, chicken, pork, lobster it all taste delicious. During lunch the drinks are also included. After lunch we are heading on our way back to Puerto Plata. We make a stop in a place where they show us how to make cigars. We are allowed to taste a cigar, but I pass. We drink a little mamajuana and we have the opportunity to buy souvenirs. Back in the bus I feel a little sleepy from the snorkelling (or is it the effect of the drinks?).

Around 5.00pm we are back, an amazing day. This was really a tropical day with a blue sky, crystal clear water, sunshine, a white pearl of an island, good drinks, amazing food and a very friendly helpful crew.

Written by Bianca

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