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Cleaning up my basement. Guess what happened?

Today I decided to clean up my basement, to spend my time useful as we are still in a lockdown.

After a while I found a box with photo albums. Yes, real photos not the digital ones we have now. Guess what happened? I found an album : photos Dominican Republic 1993, and started to watch it. My first time to Puerto Plata. I could never imagine at that time that I would fall totally in love with the country. Now 28 years later, 81 visits later, I still go there and I can not wait till this pandemic is over and we can fly there again.

I stayed my first vacation in the Jack Tar Village hotel. Now the Blue Jack Tar. Looking at the photos many things are still the same, but also many changes. I did not realised all the changes as you do not notice it when you be there twice a year. In that first year Playa Dorada was secured by the military. Taking a tour with armed soldiers on the truck. The kids in the country side looking with open mouth to those white people, to shy to say something. An experience I totally forgot over the years as it is so different now.

Those photos bringing back so many memories from all those vacations. How I wish to return soon.

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