Traveling to Dominican Republic during Covid

I boarded the plane for the first time to the Dominican Republic in 2012.
In this blog I want to take you on my trip in March 2021.

Covid-19 is in the world for more then a year, despite I have decided to travel to the Dominican Republic. It requires a lot of patience and flexibility as flights are changed several times before departure.

From Amsterdam via Paris to Santo Domingo.

No PCR test needed to enter the Dominican Republic and as a transit passenger also not needed for Paris. In addition to the usual documents, I had a health certificate for the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic, and the QR code for the migration in the Dominican Republic. This is new and must be requested online.

On arrival in Santo Domingo, only temperature is measured.

My stay

The sea is just as blue, the palm trees are just as beautiful and the Dominicans are hospitable as ever!

The Dominican Republic has worked very hard to receive tourists again safely. You will notice this in hotels, excursion companies and just in general in the country. There are measures;

  • it is mandatory to wear your mask
  • your temperature is measured before going in a store or a restaurant
  • disinfection everywhere
  • your shoes are disinfected in various places when you walk on special mats
  • there is a curfew

Strangely enough, the Covid “weight” does not hang on your shoulders all day long, as I experience in the Netherlands. It felt very safe and relaxed.

Documents needed for my trip back to the Netherlands (this might be different for every country): Punta Cana – Panama – Amsterdam

  • negative result PCR test (test done not before 72 hours upon arrival in Amsterdam)
  • negative result rapid test (test done not before 24 hours before boarding)
  • the health declaration for the Netherlands
  • a health certificate for Panama
  • the online migration form to leave the Dominican Republic

The test results were extensively viewed at the airports of Punta Cana and Panama.


If you like a bit of a challenge when it comes to planning your flights and if you have all your documents in order, you can travel to the Dominican Republic with peace of mind. The friendliest and most beautiful island in the Caribbean is ready to receive you!

Posted by Kim – Guest Blogger

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