local fruit market puerto plata

See those colors, smell the fresh fruit!

When you ever visited a local market in Dominican Republic, you know what I mean. In the moment you are getting at the market, you smell the sweet fruits before you see them.
The bright colors of green, red, yellow, orange, it makes me always happy.

The sellers are very friendly and it is all much better quality and cheaper then the supermarkets.
My biggest problem, when I visit the market, is that I never can make a choice what to buy. I do have a shopping list, but see things that are not on my list. When I think I am done, I see some other things that I want to take home as well.

Coming at home the big challenge start. How to store it all, thinking I really do need a bigger fridge. But that is ridiculous as I do have a big fridge already (but for sure there are bigger ones).

My best solution so far is not to go myself anymore and send somebody else with my shopping list.

This week Elvis went to the market and he did make a video of his visit.


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