How I lost my heart to the Dominican Republic

A random holiday destination, that was the Dominican Republic in 2012. Something with white beaches and a blue sea. I knew nothing more about the country. Oh yeah, that it would be dangerous.. they said.

That first time I lost my heart to the island and I knew immediately, I will come back here again. Now it feels like a second home.

It is difficult to explain exactly what it is because it is a feeling; It is the beauty of the island, the climate, the culture, the music, but most of all the people!

The Dominicans are grateful, helpful, extremely friendly, hospitable, and proud of the country.  In all the years I have never felt unsafe in this country. I think it is almost unfair that it still has this stamp.

I have visited several places in the Dominican Republic, a small selection:
The capital;  Santo Domingo, Miches; La Montaña Redonda, La Romana; Altos de Chavon, La Isla Saona, Higuey; Basilica and Market, Samaná; Cayo Levantado.

But apart from all those beautiful hotspots that you can see on land and in the water, the regular Dominican life always makes me happy. Mañana mañana and tranquilo.. the relaxed attitude of the Dominicans, who can work very hard by the way, is great. The fact that some people live with the minimal and yet are happy and grateful. That is something we can learn from.

The Dominican Republic has everything … and, in my view, everyone should experience it.

And for me personally: Home is not a place, it’s a feeling!


2 thoughts on “How I lost my heart to the Dominican Republic”

  1. Thanks for sharing Kim.
    I lost my heart there a few years ago too and agree 100%, it’s one of the best places on earth! ❤️❤️❤️

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