Food Baskets Christmas 2021

Food Basket Christmas 2021

When we completed with our Foundation the school project with the uniforms we asked ourself, what’s next.

During the last few years we received several times questions during Christmas Time to send food or presents to family or friends.

Our next project was born. Food baskets for the families from the kids who we did support with the school uniform. Most sponsors from the school uniforms loved to send a food basket as well. We put it out on Facebook and many many of our friends reacted.
We ended up with 33 families who received a very nice food basket. The baskets were even to heavy for the kids to carry.

It was a little stressful to get those baskets completed, but Proviciones Pio at the Manolo Tavarez Justo in Puerto Plata did a great job.

For many of us is grocery shopping so normal but for many of the families in the barrio Manguito where the little school is located, it is a challenge to get 3 good meals a day on the table.

To see the surprised faces from those kids (and the parent) are priceless. Some of them could not wait till at home to see what was in the “basket”.

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