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Coconut Cats & Dogs

6.45 in the morning and I am checking if I have everything. Cooler, water, cola, sprite, orange juice, sandwiches, yogurt, cookies, plates, cups, napkins, spoons and the souvenirs. I think I have it all except for the ice for the cooler but we will buy it at a Colmado.

At 7.00am we are leaving with the minibus to Amber Cove to pick up our 5 guests from the Horizon Carnival Cruise. We have to wait outside the port on the main road. Access to the port only have the big companies that can afford to pay for the exclusive contracts with Carnival to pick up the people closer to the cruise ship. Those tours can be booked with Carnival for a much higher price then the normal tours sold by the local tour sellers (they offer the same tour, with same insurance just for a lower price). To find us the tourists have to walk a 10 to 15 minutes to the entrance of the port.

Nancy is the first to arrive at the bus (she waited for the others in the cool bus, with a cold drink). Around 8.45 we have Nancy, Sandra, Kathi and Sara. Melissa was not feeling well and decided to stay on board of the ship. With a cold drink we are on the way to Luperon. The road has some beautiful panoramic views and we pass some typical Dominican Villages. Just before the Coconut Haven some cows wanted to greet us by stopping the car, as they were in the middle of the road and did not want to move.

Kim from Coconut Haven was waiting for us. The tour started with some dogs who stayed in the quarantined zone. Then she took us to the surgery room, explaining everything they do for the abandoned and wounded dogs and cats they find on the streets. They had 2 cutest kittens about 8 weeks old, waiting for adoption and there was a dog with 3 very small puppies. Mama dog was very sweet and allowed us to cuddle with her babies. The tour continues to the main building. Here they have like 8 units, all filled with dogs. In 2 we could cuddle with mama and puppies. Mama princess was also very accommodating to allow us to cuddle with her babies. All dogs are so playful I could adopt all of them.

It was difficult to leave the puppies and go for lunch, after lunch we took some dogs for a walk. At 2.00pm it was time to say goodbye as we had to go back to the Amber Cove.
It was a great day and our 4 guests loved it.

If you consider to have a dog or cat, think about adoption. Also for those of you who live in Canada it is possible to adopt a Coconut Hound or Cat.
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Total profit of this tours goes to Coconut Haven Luperon.

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