20 children will receive education, thanks to friends of Elvis Tours!

This year we started this school project in a new community (before we supported Big Lee in his community), we were able to sponsor 20 children in the age between 5 and 18 year.

All kids (and parent(s)) where very happy that it is now possible for their child to go to school. Many friends of Elvis Tours made this possible. All friends who sponsored a child can visit their “sponsor child” when visiting Puerto Plata.

The shopping is not always easy to do. Sometimes the shop was so crowded that you hardly could move, but you forget the stress, you forget that you feel tired when you see the sparkle in the eyes from a child or the big smile holding the bag and realizing that the uniform and school supplies are for them, that they can go to school. That sparkle, that smile is priceless.
We feel very blessed that we can do that because of you.

20 different children, 20 different stories. It is to much to share them all, but for sure all 20 needed this help. You can still help a child, we will continue this project for an other week.

A special thank you to Darlenis from Tienda Jimenez in Puerto Plata. From the second day she helped us out with every child, she knows to give great service.

Also a huge thank you to the owner of Tienda Jimenez. He gave us a great discount. Because of this discount we were able to make 61 prices for a raffle in El Manguito school (this school has 61 students). The raffle will be next week.

More about this raffle in our next blog.

See more info about our foundation:

Video from our first shopping tour:

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