Saona Island

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This gem is located just off the coast and is a must-visit when you’re in the Dominican Republic!


The speedboat ride from Bayahibe to Saona is an adventure in itself. Along the way, we get to learn about the history of Saona, the Taino Indians, and the mangroves. Our first stop is at the Natural Pool. Here, we disembark from the boat, standing only waist-deep in the water, and we can spot starfish. It’s a truly unique experience!


Afterward, we continue on to Saona. At our first stop on Saona, we can relax and enjoy the breathtaking view, swim in the sea, or take a stroll along the beach. Following that, we indulge in a delicious lunch!

Mano Juan and Turtle Project

After lunch, we take a village tour of Mano Juan, the only inhabited part of Saona. Mano Juan is a fishing village, and here, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. During the short tour, the village children warmly greet you, and you get to visit the turtle project.
While visiting this project, they will explain you everything and if you are really lucky you get to see some of the baby sea turtles that are only 1-3 days old. These baby turtles are so cute you may have the urge to pick them up and cuddle them like kittens. They will certainly make you smile a lot every time you think about them.

Pirates of the Caribbean

As we speedboat to our final stop, Canto de La Playa, you’ll feel like you’ve entered paradise. The crystal-clear water is perfect for swimming or snorkeling, and the view from the beach seems endless. A fun fact: a part of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here.

You’ll have ample time to soak in all the beauty. When we eventually head back on the boat, we sail at a brisk pace—after all, it’s a speedboat—making our way back to Bayahibe. With the sun on our faces, it’s a perfect moment to reflect on a wonderful day!

Please note:
Choose your Saona excursion carefully. If, for example, you opt for a tour with a catamaran instead of a speedboat, you’ll visit different parts of Saona where many other tourists congregate. The catamaran sails at a slower pace and covers less distance. Additionally, in my experience, such trips often have a more “party-like” vibe, making them less suitable for families with children or those looking to truly savor the beauty of Saona in a smaller group.

Written by Kim

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Saona Island

This gem is located just off the coast and is a must-visit when you’re in the Dominican Republic! Speadboat The speedboat ride from Bayahibe to

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